November 22, 2013, by Lisa Saville

It’s amazing what you can achieve with limited resources and a bit of know how… Hot Ink is not a photo studio but we have managed to pull off an amazing amount of usable pack shots in our time – generally at the last minute and on a shoestring budget too!  If you know what you are doing, (a keen interest combined with 2 yrs of photography at the Cape Tech back in the 80’s!) a simple camera and some natural light combined with a bit of magic (aka: PhotoShop) can produce some very workable results.  For the rest, we leave that up to the pro’s.  We recently assisted ‘The Real Thing’ with a last minute request that we got done in just over an hour.  The result: one happy customer.  So if you need basic pack shots done but don’t have the budget for a professional photo shoot then chat to us – we may be able to help you too.  View more pics on our FaceBook page.

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