Design Indaba 2014

March 2, 2014, by Lisa Saville

In spite of a crazy week frantically printing last minute material for the Design Indaba exhibitors, I managed to get down to the CTICC and have a quick look around.  It was exciting and inspirational and there is so much one could say about the amazing things I saw.  One thing really struck me above all, and that was the wonderful 3-dimensional aspect of the products, display stands and signage that is made possible by laser cutting.  Although it has been around for a long time I think that it is now more accessible than ever and designers are really starting to find very innovating ways of using it on a variety of substrates with beautiful results.  My favourite was the intricate paper artworks by Artymiss Design Studio. Other things that caught my fancy were the upsized Marmite jar stools and Zoo Biscuit cushions. (See more favourites)

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