Easy to do Spot Varnish Printing

January 21, 2014, by Lisa Saville

Once the domain of high volume print runs with a hefty price tag only, this classy finish is now available digitally.  Our easy-to-do Spot Varnish is applied during printing as a ‘5th colour’ so there is no extra lead time required.  The additional cost is marginal and the set up process is straight forward too, so the only thing holding you back from a great finish is your imagination!  The results are not as intense as that achieved with a traditional UV varnish and definitely work best on light coloured backgrounds, but we have seen some really clever designs that use it to its best advantage and have elevated a simple business card or folder into something that will definitely get a second glance.  Give us a call to find out more or feel free to pop in and see some samples  🙂

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