January 27, 2014, by Lisa Saville

Looking for new ways to catch peoples attention? We’re seeing laser cutting being used more and more as it’s hard to resist a second glance at the 3-dimensionality that this method brings to printed material.  Because of the lower set-up cost compared to die cutting, as well as the incredible level of detail that’s achievable, this finish is perfect for small runs of unique stationery and promo material.  Not without some drawbacks though: the unit costs are still quite high and this makes it unviable for higher volumes, as well as the fact that traces of the process are sometimes visible on card stock in the form of slight scorching on the edges.  However, the accuracy and flexibility of this process make it a valuable tool when you want to create something a little more special.  Give us a shout if need help setting up your die lines next time you decide to try this for yourself or see more samples:

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