20 years old: Hot Ink then & now

June 15, 2017, by Lisa Saville

From humble beginnings with a team of two in the front room of a house in Sea Point; warming our paper in the oven before we could print our z-cards, here we are twenty years on with a team of twenty two and many a story to tell.

Today we cannot imagine surviving a day without access to the internet and yet Hot Ink operated successfully without e-mail for quite a few years! Print speeds of four pages per minute are now one hundred pages per minute, and tomorrow we will laugh about this too as things speed up even more.

Although technology has dramatically changed how we produce our products, our principles have stayed the same. Personal engagement with our customers is paramount in delivering high quality service.  To quote a happy customer recently: “Hot Ink have always been excellent, fast and friendly. The friendliness in particular is rare in this industry in my experience. Also, they use this amazing technology called READING THEIR EMAILS and REPLYING, which many companies don’t seem to have implemented.”

We have survived recessions, crazy customers and some even crazier staff. We have laughed a lot, cried sometimes and worked very hard to be where we are today. We hope to continue marrying new technology with our old fashioned recipe of personal customer attention in order to deliver the best quality and service. We look forward to taking our clients along with us for the next twenty year journey.



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