Affordable Short-run Packaging

November 11, 2020, by Lisa Saville

The ability to die-cut custom shapes digitally has made the production of prototypes and short runs of packaging much more accessible and more cost effective as well. Not having to make expensive dies already saves both time and money but there are other ways to reduce costs too…

By making use of pre-made packaging and customising it with cleverly designed labels, sleeves and bellybands; you can reduce the amount of printing required as well as the design time spent developing and testing unique boxes. These solutions can also enhance the aesthetic as they allow you to combine different textures and finishes on the same unit. For example: high gloss labels applied to packaging made from Kraft board, or sleeves printed on textured/recycled paper applied over smooth white boxes. We can either die-cut or laser-cut these to shape depending on the level of detail required.

Our design team not only have the necessary creative and technical ability to provide both concepts and working templates, but we can now produce the printed solutions in-house as well. So whether its a fully customised box you require or applying your branding to existing packaging, contact us for advice on your next packaging project, we’re standing by to help.

View samples of our latest work or look for more inspiration here.

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