Cocoon Offset: 100% classy & recycled

September 16, 2016, by Lisa Saville

If you want to print responsibly but still require slick looking material, Cocoon Offset is a very white, high-quality, yet economical, uncoated paper. It is 100% recycled and produced ecologically using very advanced technology giving it the appearance and printing qualities of a paper made from virgin fibre, but with outstanding environmental credentials. In addition to its superior whiteness compared to most recycled stock, Cocoon has the best opacity – up to 98.6% on 160gsm, minimizing show through on double-sided printing.

What we love most about Cocoon, is the bulkiness and lovely felt-like texture that you simply cannot match with a coated paper. Try it for your next project and you’ll see what we mean…

(More info on the Cocoon accreditation here)

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