August 10, 2016, by Lisa Saville

Cyclus is considered to be the most environmentally friendly paper the world has to offer, scoring an incredible 98/100 on the WWF paper scorecard

It is produced from 100% recycled fibres, with a manufacturing process that requires one tenth of the energy used to produce virgin fibre papers. The mill recycles 120,000 tonnes of waste paper every year. When compared to the manufacture of non-recycled paper, they reduce the energy consumption by 90%, use 60% less water and the CO2 emissions are incredibly low.

Cyclus Offset is the uncoated version of the grade, while Cyclus Print is  coated, giving you both options within the same range. Another advantage of this already bulky paper is that it is available in up to 350gsm, making it a perfect choice for eco friendly business cards. Feel free to pop in and look at samples of this environmentally upstanding range…

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