Successful Logo Design

June 11, 2014, by Lisa Saville

As a designer its easy to get lost on the creative journey that is logo design, and as a business owner, one is often too close to the brand to step back and outline the requirements objectively.  This clip shows a brilliantly simple overview which provides the framework around which the aesthetic elements should be constructed. Add to that a touch of creative whimsy and magic and you should have a solid logo that not only looks good but will be durable and functional too:


At Hot Ink we both guide the formative process as well as supply the creative magic.  This may sound like a simple process but truly successful logo design requires a lot of consideration.  If you are wanting to create a new logo for your company, or perhaps you design logo’s yourself, go no further until you have read the following more detailed guideline on how to navigate the logo design process:

LOGO DESIGN: 60 Pro Tips

So next time you are wondering how long your logo design should take, rather ask yourself: “Do I want a logo that is relevant, enduring and attractive, or one that was was done quickly?”. Our goal at Hot Ink is to find a happy marriage between the two.  Call us for a free quote on designing your logo.

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