Evolution of the Hot Ink Logo

June 13, 2017, by Lisa Saville

Sometimes we look back at Hot Ink’s first logo and just shake our heads and laugh, but mostly we like to think: “Wow – we’ve come a long way since then!”

All logos (should) evolve over time for a variety of reasons. A refresher every few years will ensure that that your logo continues to be a good representation of who you are as well as remaining relevant to its current environment. Some logos need to change due to company restructuring while others just require a little nip and tuck here and there.  Ideally their new forms should continue to be recognisable in order to capitalise on existing brand awareness. The Pepsi logo has to be the ultimate chameleon with an incredible number of variations since 1898 (see here).

The Hot Ink logo is currently in its fourth incarnation in 20 years, and we feel; its most relevant.  This is because a lot more time and research went into the concept behind this logo as opposed to just the look and feel.  If you are designing a logo for yourself or someone else, you should know that there is a lot more to it than just a pretty combination of  colours, fonts and graphics all woven together.  Truly successful logos are based on solid concepts first, with aesthetic values layered on top of that.  (We found this great post from ‘Creative Market’ with 50 tutorials and pro tips which sums it up quite nicely.) Alternatively you can chat to our own resident logo-machine: lead creative, JP Redman about designing a logo for you.

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