Foiling. When metallics just aren’t enough

February 17, 2021, by Lisa Saville

We have often spoken about the perceived value that metallic ink adds to your printed material, as well as the exquisite iridescent effects one can achieve by blending these inks with the CMYK print process. But sometimes premium brands need to communicate their luxury status unequivocally – this is when the ultra-chrome finish of foiling comes in.

Opting for this specialised process will certainly take your printing up to another level but there are a few things to consider before you do. Firstly, make sure that your product/brand identity is aligned with the opulent look and feel of this reflective finish. Also be mindful that the initial set-up costs are higher, so it doesn’t make economic sense to foil very small quantities. This is due to the fact that a metal foiling block must be produced for each design. This block is loaded into a press and set up at the correct pressure for different paper stocks. Tests are done to check the alignment with the printing before stamping the foil onto each item individually. Finally, make sure your deadline allows for a few extra days of turnaround time – this is not a finish that can be done in a day, but it will be worth the wait! If you really only need a small amount, we are also able to over-print pre-foiled cardstock which can yield a similar effect (view samples), so we always make a plan.

A little bit of foil goes a long way – both literally and figuratively. Research shows that 77% of marketers believe print enhancements give their brand a premium look* and 74% of consumers state the design technique of direct mail pieces influences their decision to engage with it**. Foil is so eye-catching that just one small area can be enough to enhance the value of the print. So if you want to create awareness of your premium brand, foiling might be just the finish you require.

*NAPCO; **Keypoint Intelligence/Info Trends

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