Heavyweight Card for Laser printing

May 22, 2019, by Lisa Saville

As technology constantly improves we are now able to print onto substrates that were previously beyond the spectrum for laser printing. At Hot Ink we love to push the limits of our equipment but only as far as we know we can guarantee perfect results. The new 450gsm Galerie Silk has been tried and tested and the results are great. It produces a beautiful image, even with solid coverage, and its rigid feel and silky texture make it a popular choice for business cards.

Each paper has its own characteristics and not all paper is created equal when it comes to bulkiness. Two papers with same weight (indicated in grams per square metre – gsm), can give a completely different perception of bulk when you hold them in your hand. We have also run successful testing on several uncoated stocks and the recycled Stephen Smart White 370gsm scores high on both bulk and character. The surface texture of paper has a huge impact on the print result when it comes to both colour and coverage, so it’s always a good idea to seek advice before selecting your stock and then to run a test print first.

Our new ability to print onto extra length sheets (up to 1200mm long x 330mm wide), combined with thicker card stocks means we can take on small scale packaging projects too. Our creatives have designed some innovative solutions for clients starting new product ranges that need to be showcased in unique ways.

Hot Ink staff are well positioned to guide you through the process of selecting the best paper for your job so please feel free to ask for advice.

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