Human Resources – our most valuable asset

February 28, 2017, by Lisa Saville

Every March we conduct staff reviews as we to try and gain a better understanding of what makes our staff really tick. Each year we are reminded of three facts: firstly, each human being is unique and so we cannot assume that the same things will make them all happy – different priorities require different solutions. Secondly, one of the major sources of dissatisfaction surprisingly has nothing to do with money or working conditions, it is: unfairness. And so as we strive to find ways to keep our staff supported; motivated and happy, we have to apply custom interventions to meet individual needs, as well as navigate the constant minefield of perceived unfairness.

As any business owner knows, this must all be done on top of our day jobs whose main priority, in the case of Hot Ink, is maintaining a reputation for best quality printing plus high levels of customer service, on a daily basis. But we are well aware of the third fact: that without appropriately supported; motivated and happy staff, we cannot continue to uphold that reputation that we have worked so hard for twenty years to create. And so getting to know our staff better not only plays a vital role in our business – it is our day job!

It begins at the recruitment stage, in selecting people we feel will fit in well with the existing team. It follows on with training in not only what to do, but how we do it at Hot Ink, and of course ongoing support throughout the year. The reviews are a more formal platform to discuss issues, and peer reviews form a vital part of this. Anyone who has ever worked in a team will agree that often “work issues” have less to do with “work” and more to do with “people”, so this is an area that needs to be carefully monitored.

Hot Ink has always made use of the best equipment and high quality materials to produce beautiful results, but these results would still not be possible without the most important resource of all – our wonderful humans who co-ordinate all aspects of this process, ensuring that the finished product is delivered on time, with a smile and in Hot Ink style!


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