Menu Ideas

May 9, 2016, by Lisa Saville

Menus are something we all encounter during our lives. Most simply perform the function of conveying information, while some stand out above the rest for looking good at the same time. But one thing applies to all menus – they all have to endure a lot of wear and tear!

A winning menu has to score on many levels: aesthetics, information and durability. How to make your menu’s last is always a challenge, but we have many alternative materials on offer including perspex; wood and polyprop, to name a few. Because they require editing from time to time, a good solution is a sturdy cover with easily replaceable contents. This can be designed in such a way that the restaurants can print their own contents which allows complete flexibility with a menu that is changed frequently. Alternatively one should look at replacing menus between two and four times per year depending on usage, even if they are laminated.

Recently we faced a new challenge: the menus were so good looking that customers insisted on ‘borrowing’ them (without bringing them back!) – a compliment on the styling but rather annoying nonetheless!

At Hot Ink we have the skills to think out the box and come up with fresh solutions so you’re not limited to the standard options only (view samples). We can work with you to create something eye-catching, relevant, useful and durable (and hopefully not so lovely that they get ‘borrowed’!). Send us your ideas and let’s get talking…

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