New Recycled Papers Available

October 9, 2019, by Lisa Saville

As we bid farewell to two of your favourite recycled papers, Cocoon and Cyclus, we’ve been trying and testing some replacements and here are our conclusions…

“Nautilus”, new from Papersmith & Son, is available in “Super White”, and “Classic” and both are 100% recycled from post consumer waste. “Classic” is a warm, off-white colour and a good replacement for the now discontinued Cyclus. The “Super White”, although not quite as bright as “Stephen Smart”, makes a good alternative to Cocoon. The Nautilus range is well priced and our testing has shown that it provides the best results when printing large areas of solid, dark colours. It is available through a range of grammages from 80gsm up to 350gsm. The light weights have good opacity and the bulky 350gsm is more than sufficient for sturdy feeling business cards.

Although not a new paper, The “Stephen” range, also from Papersmith & Son, has been gaining a lot of popularity with our customers recently. It’s available in two colours: “Innocent White” – a soft cream colour, and “Smart White” – one of the whitest recycled papers available. Both are 100% recycled from post consumer waste and have a nice toothy surface. We love its extra heavy weight (370gsm) which is great for eco-friendly business cards, as well their social responsibility programme. It is slightly more expensive but a firm favourite as a premium recycled stock.

If you need a paper that not only has fantastic green credentials but also looks the part, then “Environment Desert Storm” is the one to choose. Available in three weights (118gsm, 216gsm and 324gsm), this tan coloured paper from Antalis is 100% recycled, elementally chlorine free (ECF), acid free and made with 100% green energy. This paper may be earthy looking but its smooth surface reproduces images beautifully and will add a unique character to your printed material.

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