Printing Digitally with White Ink

February 25, 2019, by Lisa Saville

In January this year our Iridesse got upgraded with two brand new features exclusive to Hot Ink: opaque white ink and the ability to print on extra length sheets.

An obvious advantage of having white ink is being able to print onto clear labels. White can be printed on its own or in conjunction with the four process colours; as either an underlay or overlay, allowing clear stickers to be printed in reverse where required.

The solid coverage of the white ink works equally well on dark coloured card which opens up a host of premium stationery solutions previously not possible on a laser printer. For example, instead of printing dark background colours; one can print white ink onto dark card stocks and get a perfectly even and 100% matt result. This also allows the natural textures of the paper to shine through in unprinted areas, adding a tactile feature to your printing.

The other new feature the Iridesse now boasts, is the ability to laser print on sheets up to 1200mm in length(!), further expanding our print offering in the digital arena (more details here).

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