Is recycled paper better for the environment than virgin paper?

May 31, 2014, by Lisa Saville

Although there are arguments against the environmental benefits of using recycled paper, there is more evidence in support of the advantages. So in essence, the answer is “yes“, providing the recycled paper carries the FSC certification. To read a detailed comparison between recycled vs virgin paper, click here.

Recycled papers help the environment in the following ways:

– They reduce the demand for wood

– Recycling avoids accumulation of waste sites and incinerators which generate CO2 emissions

– Recycling lengthens the lifespan of the paper as fibres can be recycled 4 to 5 times

– Producing recycled paper requires around 2 times less energy and 3 times less water than a paper made with virgin pulp

Hot Ink carries the following recycled papers in stock: Cyclus Offset, Cocoon, Environment Desert Storm, Triple Green plus Reviva & Masuga (while stocks last).  These are not the only recycled papers available and we will readily order in other stocks if required.

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