ROCK PAPER: a biodegradable synthetic paper

July 18, 2019, by Lisa Saville

Todays print requirements have changed, and paper has had to adapt to meet these demands. We now need more than just high quality print stock: we demand diversity so that the paper we choose can be fed through a range of different devices and will tolerate all the special finishes that are now available; we need to know that it is environmentally friendly; it should also reproduce full colour images beautifully and of course in todays’ tough economy; be affordable too.

At Hot Ink we print on a very wide variety of papers and they all have their advantages. Synthetic paper is not new for us, we have been printing on the PolyArt for a long time providing a great solution where a waterproof substrate was required. We have seen an increase in the demand for tear resistant paper that can withstand being splashed, can be stored in refrigerators or even emmersed in water. Neck tags for bottles, menus, door hangers and shower notices are all examples of how these substrates are being used.

Rock Paper is a semi-synthetic paper that stands up to all the above criteria as well as offering some additional and rather unique features. Made from resin and minerals (limestone and Calcium Carbonate), the production of Rock Paper requires no water or trees. Once used, it can be safely disposed of as it is biodegradeable, or recycled with plastics. This fibreless paper has an unusually cool and heavy feel to it while its silky surface reproduces solid areas of colour beautifully, matching the aesthetic you would expect from a premium paper as well as being strong and durable.

During the current pandemic it is a perfect solution for printing 100% washable menus that can withstand being wiped with sanitiser and disinfectant.

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