The Cool Thing About White Ink…

April 7, 2021, by Lisa Saville

The ability to print digitally with white ink has been around since 2019, but recently we have been finding it has more to offer than just novel aesthetic value. Always the ones who love to experiment, Hot Ink has been pioneering different synthetic materials in response to the rising demand for packaging which needs to be waterproof and menus that must withstand alcohol and sanitiser. Vinyl self adhesive labels have always been a good waterproof solution on bottles and cosmetic products, but menu’s; bellybands and necktags for wine/juice bottles, require a different treatment.

The ‘Kernow’ range from Papersmith includes synthetic substrates available in clear and black and is designed specifically for digital printing. White ink is the perfect print partner for these as the crisp print results read really well on both stocks. These substrates are also both recyclable as #1 PET plastics.

Not only can you print white plus combinations of colour successfully onto dark and clear waterproof materials, but sometimes the combination of white ink only onto textured Kraft/tinted paper provides that simple ‘less-is-more’ solution you’ve been looking for!

Try it out before the end of April 2021 and score 20% discount on your order (T&Cs)

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