Washable Menus

July 17, 2020, by Lisa Saville

In times of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: there will be changes. As we adjust to running businesses during a global pandemic, we all need to innovate and adapt if we are to survive. Enter Hot Ink: known for providing alternative and creative solutions, but sometimes we just reintroduce existing products to answer new challenges…

As restaurants are opening up, hygiene is paramount and our waterproof Rock Paper is a perfect solution for washable menus that can withstand being wiped with sanitiser or disinfectant plus it is biodegradable and recyclable! Available in a 420gsm weight, it is thick enough to function on its own, but one could also laminate it for extra bulk without fear that it will delaminate when coming into contact with moisture. Read more about the advantages of this eco friendly paper, or view other menu options available.

We also offer sturdy perspex table talkers which are both weatherproof and infinitely re-usable as we can simply reapply the vinyl with updated information as required.

Chat to us about durable solutions for your business in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond…

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