Winning Wonderbags

February 2, 2016, by Lisa Saville

Long standing client, Ronel Spies of ‘Spies Design’, was so excited to try out her new Wonderbag that the she won in our FaceBook competition. And who wouldn’t be excited? Not only is the uniquely African fabric simply beautiful, but this nifty South African concept is now being used all over the globe as an energy saving device for both cooking and cooling, without the use of additional fuel (more here).

As part of our Carbon Neutral Certification, Hot Ink has invested it’s carbon credits in the Wonderbag Project as we felt that not only is it a very worthwhile one, but we love the fact that it’s a homegrown concept, born out of necessity; that being the rolling blackouts in Johannesburg back in 2008 (the story).

If you are interested in having your own funky little cooking bag, saving on electricity and reducing your own carbon footprint too; shop online, otherwise you can gift a bag to another family via the Wonderbag Foundation.

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