Terms & Conditions

1. All prices quoted and invoiced are E&OE (Errors and Omissions Excepted).

2. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

3. All prices subject to change without prior notice.

4. Quotations valid for 30 days only.

5. Quotations are an estimation only and should not be considered as final. A final quotation will be submitted on finalisation of all work requested / briefed or on sight of final material supplied for printing.

6. Estimates are applicable only to the specifications as stated in written quotes.

7. Client will be liable for all creative and material costs should the project be terminated or changed to a new direction at any point.

8. This quote is based on current material availability and prices. We reserve the right to adjust our prices as and when increases occur.

9. No provision is made in this quote for client changes, author’s revisions or overtime.

10. All proofs will be charged for unless otherwise specified.

11. Hot Ink will not be held responsible for incorrect colour in printed matter, if the client does not wish to sign off appropriate printed proofs, or if Hot Ink does not handle reproduction or print. (E-mail proofs will not be considered appropriate in the case of discrepancies over colour.)

12. Paper supplied by client will be subject to testing first. We accept no responsibility for printing done on supplied paper; all spoils will be for your expense.

13. No creative work will commence without an official written order or signed estimation.

14. In the case of new clients 50% is payable up-front and balance on delivery*.

15. All goods must be paid in full including VAT on collection. On collection customers will be required to sign that they have received the goods, that the goods are in order and that the client is satisfied with quality and quantity.

16. Only customers with approved accounts will be allowed goods on credit, unless otherwise approved by management. Account customers who have exceeded their payment terms will not be able to have orders delivered or collected until such time as their accounts have been settled within agreed terms as per signed credit applications.

17. No third party payments allowed.

18. Call out fee will be charged @ R420.00 per hour

19. Standard rates have been calculated on all installations. If we are required to work overtime, the appropriate overtime rates will apply, and are payable upon completion of job.

20. All quotes are subject to change should the requirements have been adjusted and will reflect on final invoice. This means that if a specific job was quoted on, but additional products were needed or the specifications of materials were changed during the job process that the quote will not be adjusted and re-supplied, however all additional or changes will reflect on the final invoice.

21. All new clients must ensure that we have all their correct contact information.

22. Acceptance by HOT INK of any order will be subject to authorization from our Credit Controller. ?

23. With respect to signage, all orders under R5000 are subject to full payment upfront. Installations are estimated and depend on ease of access to installation point. In the event of payment being made by direct deposit or electronic funds transfer, please fax or email proof of payment to our office. Work will only commence when the funds reflect in our account.

24. Ownership of goods will not vest in the customer until account has been paid in full.

25. Collections and deliveries will be charged for at our current rates as per our delivery rates sheet which can viewed on our website www.hotink.co.za

26. All transport costs, either by rail, road or air, are for the Client’s account. In all cases where delivery is by courier, the courier shall be deemed the Client’s agent and delivery to such courier shall be deemed as the Client in the same manner, as if the Client signed the delivery documents.

27. HOT INK will not be held liable for damage caused to products by 3rd party delivery method/s.

28. The client is responsible to check goods on delivery for any damages and the signature on the invoice delivery note will confirm that the goods were delivered in good order and the correct quantity.

29. Any goods rejected because of print quality must be returned within 7 days of delivery.

30. Please note where a client is collecting, the client will sign their invoice and this signature is deemed to mean that they have collected the goods and acceptance of job.

31. No rejection will be accepted if colour proofs are not signed or specifications are not supplied.

32. No penalties will be incurred by HOT INK, should deadlines not be met due to weather conditions or delays due to client.

33. Should a job be requested earlier than stipulated, an additional charge will apply, even if previously quoted on, to cover overtime costs incurred.

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